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RITEWELL Fountain Pen

SOLD  09/2020

Very rare RITEWELL Lever Fill produced by Jewel Pen Co Ltd of London c1930. Information on Ritewell pens is very sparse. Nothing to do with the Canadian pens of the same name.

In beautiful GREY/BLUE/BLACK marble with nickel plated trim. Super peaked black cap top - ballend pocket clip.


Barrel imprint 'RITEWELL'  'Made in England.'  Measures 130mm capped.

Two tone steel nib stamped 'Non corrosive iridium pointed.'  Have no idea if this is the original nib but it a beautiful writer. Very smooth MEDIUM.


Lever filler - fully serviced with new sac - perfect working order. The pen has required quite a lot of restoration. The cap lip was very chipped and the cap itself badly split and have now been repaired.

A very rare English lever filler in lovely colours. Arrived in a very sorry state  but looks great after restoration.

I nearly threw it in the spares box but am glad I didn't. Deserves a place in any collection.

Product Code: SN6956


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