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SOLD  09/2020

Have decided to just call this one BLUE but it does look a bit greeny so it could be Teal blue or green and I suppose it could also be turquoise blue. Am not very good with blues and greens these days which certainly doesn't help my snooker!


1/10 12ct rolled gold cap with converging lines pattern.

Gold plated tassies and gold plated metal jewels with gold plated clutch ring and strangely enough a silver plated inset arrow which is a bit quirky. Should add that the arrow is an original factory fitted arrow and not just glued in.

Made in England - after 1975 which is the year they changed to the metal jewels.Measures 135mm capped.

14ct Gold hooded nib in excellent condition. Would say writes just the fine side of medium. Very smooth and very reliable.

Fitted with Parker squeeze converter for bottle filling. This can be taken out and Parker cartridges used if you prefer.

Pen is in perfect working order. Comes with pouch for everyday protection.

In excellent condition - completely ding-free cap - no blemishes whatsoever. 

I really like this pen - priced to find a good new home. Excellent for regular use.

Product Code: SN6951


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