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PARKER 51 CLASSIC Fountain Pen   Aerometric Fill

SOLD  05/2020

NAVY GREY with lustraloy cap and pearl cap jewel.

Early English production. Barrel imprint 'Made in England .0.' indicating production date mid 1950. English production of the Aerometric started in April 1950.

Full sized 51 - measures 138mm closed.

14ct Gold covered nib. MEDIUM nib which writes smoothly - just as a good 51 should! Possibly just the fine side of medium.

Trouble free Aerometric filling system - fully serviced (not just flushed out - fully dismantled and ultrasonically cleaned). Perfect working order.

Ding-free cap and in lovely condition. Nice glossy finish - no scratches and no personal engraving. Particularly nice example.

Excellent, particularly if you like to use your vintage pens - will probably give at least another 50 years of trouble free service! 

Product Code: SN6574


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