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Our very popular basic Sac Replacement Kit.  We have sold many of these kits and sent them all over the world.




Ideal starter kit for pen repairs.

This kit contains the tools and materials to enable you to put a new sac on your favourite vintage fountain pen. 

In this kit you will find:


Six Latex Ink Sacs -  a selection of the most popular sizes. Further sacs can be supplied at £1.45 each. Should you want additional sacs please let us know before you pay.

Bottle of Shellac - 10ml, sufficient for at least 100 sacs, with plastic applicator.

Sac Fitting Tool - Simple tool which makes sac fitting easy. Supplied with instructions.

Section Pliers - 6 ins rubber jaw drop forged steel with padded handles. A quality tool which will last a lifetime although the rubbers may need replacement! Vastly superior to the 'spark plug' type which are sometimes advertised for pen repairs.

Sac Gauge - aluminium. Covers all sizes of sac and takes the guesswork out of sac fitting.

French Chalk - 50g packet sufficient for hundreds of sacs.

Silicone Grease - approx 5g supplied in small tub. This is the only grease which should be used on pens. Use it on the section to help the next person who has to try to get the pen apart!

Metal pick - to remove old sac.

Sanding board - for cleaning up the flange of the section prior to fitting new sac.

Rubber gripper - helps to get the pen apart in conjunction with section pliers.


All contained in a handy sturdy storage box, measuring 8ins x 8ins x 11/2ins.





A really useful kit for straight forward sac replacement. Auction has reasonable start and no reserve.


Kit weighs around 700g in total.


We will obtain Proof of Posting receipt but cannot be responsible in the case of non-delivery. If you require your kit to be sent 'signed for' please let us know before you pay.


Please feel free to e-mail me if you require any further info.










Product Code: SN0099


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